I have worked with Tania on a broad range of demanding, mission-critical projects for the past six months. Every time she exceeds my expectations. She’s an expert and a pro. Her designs give me what I didn’t know I needed. And I admire the way she pushes through ambiguity. She takes all my chaotic feedback and requests from multiple high-level stakeholders and she finds the signal for the noise. She works fast and takes care of every detail. She’s reliable, steady, and a born creator. Without her I’d be lost, simple as that. —Paul Bookstaber, Senior Content Strategist, Feedzai
Tania is that rare breed of designer who also understands fundamental content strategy. She sees design as integral to the story – a part of it, a character – and not simply something layered on top. She’s positive, well-read and curious, so brainstorming with Tania on your team is always fun and invigorating. She “gets it.” She has an innate sensibility and a taste level that you can’t really train for. I’ve worked with her directly on projects that she took from concept to completion (and often on from there to win awards), and there’s no one I’d trust to shepherd a high-profile project more than Tania. But she’s also really good at stepping in mid-stream, with a flailing concept or a dysfunctional process or team, and just fixing it. Rescuing it from something boring and blah, and making it sing. She has saved me personally and others on my team more than once. From magazine cover designs and complex feature stories to event marketing, branding and web design – Tania is among the most talented designers, and lovely people, that I’ve ever worked with. Erin Chambers Smith, Chief of Content, San Diego Magazine
Tania is one of the designers that’s going to impress you, making you want to work with her again and again. She goes above and beyond on her projects, is incredibly dedicated and makes the creative process fun. She is dependable and has a great work ethic. Her talents shine from print design, branding, photoshoots, to web design. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.” —Laurie Nicoud, Creative Director, The Creative Clique
I cannot say enough good things about Tania and her design work! We hired her to produce a playbook highlighting one of our major initiatives and are incredibly happy with the finished product. Throughout the project she was professional, thoughtful, diligent at meeting deadlines and turned things around at lightning pace. Thank you Tania!”—Teryll Hopper, Communications Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Netsuite.org at NetSuite
Tania is such an asset to our team. Her organizational skills are spot-on and she never misses a deadline. Tania’s artistic drive and vision has pleased many new clients in our custom publishing division. She is a true creative who understands how to weave in client needs with grace. Tania is a team player who is a solid leader with an amazing design vision.”—Jessica Jalowiec, Project Manager of Custom Content at San Diego Magazine
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